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Three years is the average between sequels, like "Star Wars' used to do. I could think of a lot of reasons why he'd leave: doesn't like the script, or he doesn't like Fox. Curious that it comes RIGHT on the heels of Tom Rothman leaving Fox. Maybe he and Wyatt had a good relationship and the fire is out?
I just don't see how time is the issue, especially after the baptism by fire of the first one. But maybe.

Ed Gross

It is curious, but Rupert always seemed pretty dedicated to this franchise. While what you're saying makes sense about three years between films, this one doesn't seem anywhere near a production gear up. Let's say it starts by the end of the year, it only gives him a year and a half to get Dawn out -- and in some ways it sounds like this one is going to be a lot more complex in the sense of many more apes who will likely be conveyed as more intelligent, and perhaps endowed with speech as well. Really curious to see how this shakes out.


Rupert has been working on it a year, and they announced that release date a long time ago. If they get another director they'll have to take time to make his changes to the script (unless they get a "Yes, master" director, which we don't want). Unless Wyatt's feelings about the film are terminal (if he doesn't like the script, etc.) probably Fox should give him a little more time (end of summer release or Christmas?). I don't see them going into 2015.

gary karamani

I hate to have to wait so long but, I'd rather see it done justice than a film only worthy of the "Forbidden Zone."


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